TVZion v4.0.2 – Changelog

This page contains the changelog for the TVZion app version labeled as 4.0.2 for Android. For detailed information, take a look below.

Zion 4.0.2 Beta 8

In Kodi, or Forks – Press Stop or allow stream to end, to automatically be sent back to Zion.

Turn this on from Zion Settings/Playback/Kodi/Switch back on stop click – Enable.

Fixed – not playing content with no history.

Fixed – Crash if Zebrid was selected in Debrid Manager and Magnet Picker.

This may help Firestick users with slow start up…Needs testing.

Added – Dialog to switch to Android TV UI…needs testing.


Zion 4.0.2 Beta 6

(Very Stable) in the Filelinked. Can be installed over current version.

Subs work in MX without needing to turn them on manually.

Zebrid – Free High Quality links – on limited content.

Eumc, J3, Kodi, and Spmc as Default Player with progress and Resume.

Filelinked – 57458882

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