TVZion v3.6.7 – Changelog

This page contains the changelog for the TVZion app version labeled as 3.6.7 for Android. For detailed information, take a look below.

[Introducing] – Full MAL integration. Mark as watched, sync at start up, browse MAL personal and public lists.

[Added] – Option to hide browsers. [Settings > Content > Content browsers][Renamed] Watching list section as “Watching” as that better describes what the list is (which is things watched/watching/intend to watch later) and also is less confusing to Trakt users.

[Optimize] – [Trakt] – Removing from watching will now remove it from Trakt history as well so that it does not appear again when re-synced/reloaded show page.

[Added] – Description “Long press to load options” on “Watching” button when single clicked to inform user of the long press options.

[Added] – Now load more lists under “Featured lists” tab by changing Settings > Accounts > Trakt options > of featured list index pages to download.

[Added] – Personal lists will now appear on a separate tab “Personal lists”.

[Added] – Tab persistence. Will now automatically detect the last tab you were on homepage and auto select it instead of the first one.

[Optimize] [Media caching] – Previously all media on watch list was being cached in memory (consumed more ram), now media is only cached if viewed.

[Refactor] – Removed old show/movie page.

Please test:

Check – that sync at start up is working for both Trakt/MAL.Check that episode/movie progress is correctly being detect both with Trakt/MAL at show/movie page load, playback end.

Check – that mark as watched/unwatched,reset in both Trakt/MAL is working.

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