TVZion v4.2.1 – Changelog

This page contains the changelog for the TVZion app version labeled as 4.2.1 for Android. For detailed information, take a look below.

[Added] – Progress bar when quick seeking.

[Added] – Option for transparent subtitle background (default on).

[Added] – Option for minimum cache size in seconds.

[Added] – Option to fit screen to reduce black area (default off).

[Added] – Option to customize seek lengths by scrubber and key press.

[Optimized] – Buffering metrics to reduce playback start up time and buffering during playback.

[Optimized] – TV scrubber per key press seek length.

[Optimized] – Quality/badge detection from filenames.

[BugFix] – Player theme maintains app theme.

[BugFix] – Disabled non functional buttons in player.

[BugFix] – Kodi can’t seek ZD links.

Filinked – 57458882.

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