TVZion v3.8 – Changelog

This page contains the changelog for the TVZion app version labeled as 3.8 for Android. For detailed information, take a look below.

[Prettified] – Magnet picker. Now supports seed/peer count, magnet list refreshing as more magnets are scrapped.

[Prettified] – Debrid download list item, now you can see speed, seeds as it downloads and size of the finished downloads (subjected to debrid service, pm doesn’t support any of that).

[Prettified] – Debrid download fiile list, added search function to search.

[Added] – Landscape views for tv for both Debrid manager and Magnet picker.

[Added] – Option to how long to wait for RD to gather metadata on a magnet and add it before failing.

[Added] – Resolvers [+3].

[QOL] – For multiple debrid service users, debrid service drop down last selected value will persist.

[QOL] – Some button position rearrangements. Debrid cloud button added on home, link page.

[Added] – Option to pick a file (with download/file search assist) from debrid manager from link page and stream. [Not implemented yet] In the future you’ll be able continue as usual after picking file from debrid manager and be able to update your trakt as usual.

[BugFix] – Subtitle issues.

[BugFix] – Fixed normal playback duration not being saved by MX/VLC.

[BugFix] – Premiumize cloud download list bug.

[BugFix] – To long magnet/host link hiding the submit button.

[BugFix] – Direct dead links weren’t being filtered.

[BugFix] – RD wasn’t delete all downloads when clicked “Delete all” from download manager.

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