TVZion v3.7.1 – Changelog

This page contains the changelog for the TVZion app version labeled as 3.7.1 for Android. For detailed information, take a look below.

[Added] – Run as high priority (Settings > App > Run as high) to ensure app does not die during playbacks causing “App died due to low ram” error.

[Added] – Option to not remove from history when (-) watching is clicked. Note that Trakt watched items are automatically re-added on start up or when item page is viewed.

[Added] – Debrid service priority. Prioritize your debrid services one over another when multiple debrid services are enabled. Settings > Accounts > RD/PM > Debrid service priority.

[Added] – Full (Hosters + Cached torrents) AllDebrid integration.

[BugFix] – Newly imported trakt items weren’t hiding itself when hide caught up enabled.

[BugFix] – Trakt my list was showing duplicate up next sections.

[BugFix] – Duplicate episodes were appearing on MAL browser.

[BugFix] – Browsers will no longer appear on search page browser list of disabled.

[BugFix] – Leaving category name blank during home widget adding is not allowed now.

[BugFix] – Hebrew subtitles was not appearing.

[Optimized] – Trakt settings page.

[Added] – New useragents.

[Optimized] – Trakt “Watching” button hold action list loading time.

[Optimized] – Start up time. Specially for Trakt/MAL users as those accounts are initialized at start up.

[Optimized] – Improved season pack episode name detection.

[Optimized] [RD] – Improved season pack episode extraction.

[Optimized] – Debrid service integration. New debrid services integration will be much easier now.

[Reset] – Some settings in Settings > Accounts > Debrid services > Account has been reset to new default values for better naming and might need user intervention if changed previously.

[Refactor] – Some package renaming for better code management.

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