TVZion v4.3 – Changelog

This page contains the changelog for the TVZion app version labeled as 4.2 for Android. For detailed information, take a look below.

4.3 – Beta 8

[BugFix] – Minor Scraping Issue.

4.3 – BETA 7.

[BugFix] – Some ZD links still failed to play when loaded into the player.

4.3 – BETA 6

[Added] – Dub/Sub indicator on links (when data is available).

[Optimized] – HLS streams will now show bitrate when available.

[Added] – Option to enable/disable MAL Catalog. Disabled by default as it’s experimental for now.

[BugFix] – Empty Android TV watch next channel.

[BugFix] – MAL details page episode button crash.

[BugFix] – MAL search returns no results.

[BugFix] – Crash when failed to detect total duration of video after playback.

[Optimized] – Dead link filtering.

[Fixed] – Resolvers [+2].

[BugFix] – Showing caught up content in ATV recommendations/channels.

4.3 BETA 4

Failed to prepare link errors with Zebrid should be fixed.

[Optimized] – Premiumize season pack episode targeting.

[Optimized] – Season pack episode targeting.

[Optimized] – Season pack episode targeting in Debrid manager.

[Optimized] – Season pack episode targeting for anime.

[Optimized] – Link validation.

[Optimized] – Quality detection.

[BugFix] – Android TV channel item order during re-sync.

[BugFix] – Android TV home recommendation crashing devices due to too many recommendation items (pre Android 8).

[Reset] – Android TV home settings for Pre Android 8 Devices to show watch next items by default.

[BugFix] – Duplicate items appearing in ATV home watch next due to multi-users (Channels/Recommendations).

[BugFix] – Disabled debrid links only option, link validation for all non standard (i.e Anime) content.

[BugFix] -No sources found screen.

4.3 BETA 2

[Added] – Anime > streaming.

[Added] – MAL as catalog.

  • MAL syncing support will arrive in the next beta, depending on initial response on anime streaming.
  • Links currently do not show sub/dub indicator. The indicator will arrive on the next beta.
  • Some links may fail due to link validation. Turn it off for now. Override off option for Animes will arrive on the next beta.
  • Some anime magnets may not resolve due to failure to find a target episode in it. Will be investigated as the reports come in.

[Added] – Subtitle auto encoding transformation support for players that do not support non-standard encodings (i.e Exo). This should get rid of weird characters in non-English subs for the most part. Settings > Playback > Subtitles > Auto Encoding.

[Added] Option for internal player subtitle text size.

[Optimized] – Disk cache now can be set to zero for internal player.

[Optimized] – Seek length for ff/rw buttons and scrubber is now default to 1 min instead of 5.

[Fix] – Added/Fixed some resolvers.

[BugFix] – Fixed file name encoding bug for ZD links.